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Organisational and Individual Coaching

I offer organisational and individual coaching to academics who would like to  progress either within academia or alternative careers, heads of school to enable school improvement and businesses wanting to define focus or scale up.   Coaching can be a powerful tool during periods of transition, it enables people to think clearly and strategically around complex professional challenges, to step away and become focused upon what is most important.  I enable people to cut through the confusion and identify barriers and opportunities that require attention. To realise their highest goals/vision for where they would like to take themselves or their team.


My coachees describe me as having a natural ability to guide thinking regarding the exploration of solutions to complex problems with curiosity and focus. They tell me they feel deeply heard within my sessions and empowered to take actions inline with their higher goals. I have invested in tools to cut through conversations and reach a deeper level of thinking and understanding.  My approach facilitates a thinking environment (Nancy Kline, 2002), where I use questioning techniques to develop clarity around potential actions, allowing for a collaborative approach were the coachee guides the conversation and actions. GROW, CLEAR and a number of psychological models such as Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Self As Instrument, and some of my own reflective tools are used to enrich thinking and identify and unblock barriers to progress. These tools are used with care and only offered where appropriate, my attention is always upon the needs of the coachee.

Examples of Executive Coaching

Academic Promotion

Early and Middle Career Researchers can become overwhelmed by responsibilities, the array of projects and the opportunities available to them. I support the mapping of these, the identification of strategic priorities on an individual and team/department level, the identification of challenges hampering progress, the creation of solutions and goals in relation to this so that outcomes are meaningful.

School Leadership

Heads within primary and secondary schools can become overwhelmed with the day to day. I create a space to think clearly and strategically around the challenges of school improvement, specifically converting schools into academies. Within these conversations heads create a vision, identify challenges, map options, test solutions and hold themselves accountable either individually or through a three way coaching agreement.

University Leadership

Heads of school within Universities can become overwhelmed with the day to day. Working with me creates a space to recognise wider priorities within the challenges and agendas of the teams and structures involved. I enable resilience and support the identification of strategic priorities for both them and the wider team/department, breaking this down into manageable goals over a set period.

Examples of Individual Coaching

Career Change

Those wishing to leave the security of a post or industry can struggle with fear of the unknown. Working with me enables exploration into what an alternative future looks like, mapping priorities, options, developing these options, ideally within the safety of employment, can be powerful in facilitating a transition that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Business start up

Those wanting to move into consultancy or other areas of business can experience an uncertainty regarding what to do first. I support clarity regarding offer, set up, infrastructure, processes necessary to start receiving clients. I also problem solve regarding the development of business acumen, communicating with clients and closing sales.

PhD Transition

Post Graduate Researchers and PhD graduates can feel paralysed by the career options available to them. Working with me creates a space to identify what is most important, to map career options, identify transferable skills from the doctorate and beyond and to create a career plan to facilitate confidently moving towards the next professional challenge.