Transition Workshops for Organisations and Individuals

It is usual to go through various career crossroads at different moments in life, during these periods people can feel stuck and isolated in their confusion around how to progress. Although difficult, there is an opportunity here to examine and plan towards a career that represents what is most important. With the right support this can be an empowering process. 
With a PhD in career transition and plenty of experience supporting people through workshops and one to one coaching to clarify thinking and build meaningful careers, Danielle is able to offer workshops that bring people together who are navigating common challenges whether this is following the achievement of a PhD, a promotion or the raising of a family.  A three-part model alongside peer and one to one coaching is used to explore thinking, understand trends and plan next steps.

All workshops are informed by research and structured in three-parts, enabling participants to explore, understand and plan their transition towards employment



We start by exploring career journeys, values, networks and opportunities. Peer coaching is used to develop clarity.



Selected information is presented to understand trends, challenges and opportunities. This can reduce isolation and provide context.



Career-planning tools, developed specifically from theory, are used with peer coaching to enable clarity around career priorities.


Bespoke transition workshops

Occasionally I run private group workshops for people who are experiencing a common challenge, if you are interested in attending or hosting one of these or you are interested in finding out more information please get in touch.